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Digital launch on May 15, 2020


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A real party hit
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A real party hit
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Camina y Canta

Check out our new music video “Camina y Canta”, the second single of our lastest album VelkomBak!


Check out our music video “Vacilón”, the first single of our lastest album VelkomBak!

GKO Live

“GKO’s highly theatrical and interactive approach unleashed the perfect creative chaos to be one of Canada’s most exciting and entertaining world music ensembles”.

Let It Burn

“Absolutely sensational!”

Tadeas Mahel, Akurnik, Czech Republic

Who we are

Montreal’s GKO is an explosion of music and dance, circus and imagination. Part of the international cumbiero movement, the orchestra fusions Colombian Caribbean rhythms and percussions with different influences from around the world into a creative chaos that makes people dance. 

The Juno-nominated live touring sensation is launching their second album “VelkomBak”.

It features a dozen original compositions that greatly expands the musical palette of the band, with strong influences from the Andes to Quebec, through India and Spain, all the way to the Balkans, as well as other popular music styles such as ska, jazz and funk. A uniquely recipe, connecting disparate cultures and traditions through the common thread of cumbia’s rhythmic language. 

GKO music has a flavor that could transport you to either an exuberant tropical landscape, then to the extravaganza of the Balkan’s universe or to the golden era of the big bands. Combining accordion, violin, clarinet, a full brass session, Colombian percussions, singing and dance, GKO is a world in itself.

Sebastian Mejia Perditi

Carmen Ruiz

Anit Ghosh

Aurélien Tomasi

Blaise Margail

Sonia Bustos

Guillaume Garant

Chantale Urbain

Etienne Lebel

Regina Reichherzer


Album Revuelta Danza party





Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra

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Explosive music and frenetic dance inspired by Colombian and Balkan traditions.